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Hydrogen is a basic, non-toxic element that plays a vital role in sustaining life. No other energy source is as abundant as hydrogen.

When hydrogen combines with oxygen inside a fuel cell, its only byproducts are water and heat. This makes hydrogen the ideal energy solution for improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At Nikola Energy, we are pioneering cost-effective solutions for sustainable hydrogen production and distribution.

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Hydrogen is the ideal energy source for long-distance, heavy commercial transportation. It is lightweight, with nearly three times the energy as diesel1 on a mass basis, yet emits zero carbon. Additionally, we work with several partners to provide the infrastructure that ensures hydrogen fuel is both conveniently accessible and competitively priced.

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From optimal recharging times to operational infrastructure, our dedicated consultants guide and support you for a smooth transition to safe, reliable and robust electric solutions.

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The challenge with transitioning to clean energy at any scale is about connecting supply with demand in the right location and with the right customers. We have taken on this challenge to provide high-quality zero-emission trucks with access to the refueling source at a cost that is competitive to diesel. To achieve this clean energy state where both sides win, we have developed an innovative, full-service lease program that covers the truck, the fuel, and the service.


Our innovative lease program includes the vehicle, the fuel and service. This full-service operation delivers clean energy at a large scale, all at a cost competitive to diesel.


Hydrogen is an eco-friendly element that plays a vital role in sustaining life. No other energy carrier is as abundant, making hydrogen the ideal solution for a zero-emissions world.

As an extension of Nikola, HYLA provides cost-effective hydrogen production, distribution, and dispensing solutions. Powered by hydrogen, the Nikola Tre fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) emits zero carbon, with water being the only byproduct. HYLA’s mission is to solve the hydrogen fuel supply challenge to transition the commercial trucking industry to zero-emissions.


HYLA takes a technology agnostic approach to producing hydrogen. Our goal is to develop the lowest carbon-intensive footprint and achieve a competitive cost position in comparison to diesel. Working with our supply partnerships, we intend to accelerate hydrogen availability.


HYLA is leading the development of a broad hydrogen fueling infrastructure for the heavy-duty trucking industry. By providing hydrogen transportation and logistics, working with established partners, and leveraging existing infrastructure.


HYLA is a comprehensive hydrogen solution that includes fueling stations, agile solutions and the development of new technologies. Our goal is to help manage the risks our trucking partners often experience when seeking to establish a low carbon future in a way that is more efficient.


Electricity for battery-powered vehicles is available today. However, the ability to charge large batteries for commercial trucks still faces several challenges. Grid capacity, optimal recharging times, and infrastructure for effective operations are examples of complexities that remain. Our solution focuses on consulting you throughout the process and supporting the transition to permanent charging infrastructure with our modular charging solutions.


We provide safe, reliable, and robust electric vehicle charging solutions. Our experienced consultants help you plan your EV charger selection and installation from start to finish. Electric vehicle consulting encompasses a wide array of tasks since every EV infrastructure project is unique. There are many decisions to be made when you choose to install EV chargers and management software if desired. We’re here to help make the process smooth and efficient.


Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is part of the Tre BEV ecosystem. We guide you through this process and offer a comprehensive solution to support your transition to zero-emissions. Our charging ecosystem includes fixed DC fast charging infrastructure, coordinating with power utility companies, smart charging software, networking, permitting requirements, and estimated project timelines.


Meet your zero-emissions goals today. With electric charging or hydrogen refueling, our comprehensive modular solutions will have your fleet immediately up and running.


To support the transition to permanent infrastructure, we provide hydrogen through modular dispensing operations to ensure a reliable and cost-effective source. The current modular operations will eventually function as a back up to our permanent infrastructure or operate as additional service support in the field.

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Our Mobile Charging Trailer (MCT) speeds up your access to EV operations. While others are waiting for permits and the development of recharging infrastructure, our simple-to-implement MCT gets you on the road to zero-emissions lightning fast. Thus, allowing you to focus on how you want to operate and grow your EV fleet before you incur a significant capital expense. Knowing how you want to operate your EVs will help you smoothly transition to a permanent recharging infrastructure plan.

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